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Lynn Berry


Lynn Berry entered the insurance industry in 1985 as an agent with Metropolitan Life. After three years in that position, she became partner in an independent agency with a focus on serving the self-employed and small business owner with health and life insurance options. That 30 year career has ended in her launching this agency with a tri-fold purpose.
First, she remains committed to excellence and integrity with both her growing agency, and company affiliations. Second, she remains committed to her client base to help them find and obtain the best available coverage for their individual situation. Third, she remains committed to help develop new agents as they choose a career in an industry that is driven by knowledge, integrity, and good associations.
She continues to educate herself and her agents by exceeding the required licensing credits, and supplementing with company specific product trainings conducted regularly. She strives to serve clients, companies and agents with integrity and excellence.

Lynn is licensed in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky,  Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Lynn Berry-Doehring | Insurance Agent | Bridge Insurance




Jackie Murphy | Bridge Insurance

Jackie Murphy

Marketing and Compliance Manager

Jackie Joined Bridge in 2016 and having worked in various roles, now focuses her efforts on all aspects of Marketing and Compliance. Her aptitude towards creativity contribute to our Marketing and client engagement pieces. She maintains regulatory compliance as it relates to contracting, licensing and professional relationships with the companies we represent.


Mary Beth Butterfield

Customer Resource Manager

Mary Beth comes from a strong Sales and Marketing background working in IT, Barcoding and Transportation Sales.  She has experience working with several different information databases, and is passionate about people. She is adept at navigating the software that maintains the compliance of the client's information. Mary Beth is eager to help with information gathering, scheduling appointments, and keeping the overall organization of Bridge Insurance Group running smoothly. 

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